Dr. Roy Gonzalez, Jr. might suggest an orthodontic appliance when you schedule a consultation at Alamo City Orthodontics. Right off the bat, you might feel confused or worried. However, orthodontic appliances are sometimes needed to help individuals achieve straighter teeth, prevent future problems, and retain alignment. Orthodontic appliances are custom fit to the mouth, teeth, and jaws and aid orthodontic treatment.

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Orthodontic Appliances Defined

Whether fixed or removable, orthodontic appliances improve our smiles by correcting and adjusting our smiles. Here are a few tools that the Alamo City Orthodontics team uses to help patients achieve orthodontic success:  

  • Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD): Temporary anchorage devices are miniature, screw-like dental implants that help our orthodontist achieve quicker, more efficient tooth movement in certain cases.
  • Elastics (Rubber Bands): Generally, small rubber bands around each braces bracket help keep the archwire in place Also, elastics can be used to enhance the bite (or fit of the upper and lower teeth). When patients wear elastics as instructed, they increase the force applied in a specific area of the mouth for proper orthodontic movement.
  • Herbst Appliance: The Herbst appliance is a fixed appliance that decreases overbite by pushing the lower jaw forward and the upper molars backward. Typically, the Herbst appliance is ideal for younger, developing children and is sported for around 12-15 months.
  • Separators or Spacers: These tiny rubber “donuts” are placed between the teeth to push them apart so that orthodontic elastics can be placed at the next appointment.
  • Palatal Expander: The palatal expander widens the upper jaw by placing gentle pressure on your upper molars as adjustments are made. When you achieve the required expansion, Dr. Gonzalez will instruct you to wear the appliance for several months to prevent treatment regression.
  • Positioners: Positioners are clear, pliable, mouth guard style orthodontic appliances that conform to the contours of the teeth worn after orthodontic treatment to prevent or minimize relapse and control settling.
  • Retainers: Like positioners, wearing your retainer as instructed helps prevent treatment regression. Whether you and your orthodontists choose removable or fixed retainers, they can help hold your just-straightened teeth in their new, idealized position.
  • Headgear: Headgear gently “pulls” on the teeth to restrict further growth of the upper teeth and jaw. Typically, we use headgear to treat patients with excessive overbites and underbites.
  • Forsus Appliance: The Forsus Fatigue Resistance Device is an alternative to headgear. Ultimately, this appliance aims to prevent the need for future jaw surgery, eliminate excessive bite issues, and correct the fit of teeth.

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Many skilled orthodontists rely on orthodontic appliances to improve patient experience and results. If you have questions about your first appointment, orthodontic treatments, or candidacy, contact us at (210) 344-9295 or message Alamo City Orthodontics online. A staff member will be happy to help you get the answers you need.

Dr. Gonzalez and his team hope this information is helpful to you! We look forward to answering any questions and helping you stay on track to achieve the smile of your dreams.