One proven way to improve your self-esteem and health is attaining straight teeth through orthodontics. Alamo City Orthodontics is a trusted, multi-generational family orthodontics practice that caters to patients of all ages. Our San Antonio family orthodontist, Dr. Roy Gonzalez, Jr., has been practicing as an orthodontic specialist for over 25 years. We can help you find your or your loved one’s right fit when you schedule your initial consultation at Alamo City Orthodontics.

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Types of Orthodontics

Orthodontic technology is constantly evolving, and there are plenty of treatment options. Each type of orthodontic treatment has its applications.

To achieve excellent results, Alamo City Orthodontics offers different types of braces, clear aligners, and appliances. Navigate through our pages to learn more about these orthodontic options for minor, moderate, or severe orthodontic issues:

Candidacy for Orthodontic Treatment

At Alamo City Orthodontics, we believe that everyone deserves comfortable, effective, and high-quality orthodontic treatment. We can proudly offer the entire family a full range of orthodontics for kids, teens, and adults at our San Antonio orthodontist office:

Dr. Gonzalez specializes in understanding which individual and complex treatment options will maximize your dental health while considering variables including age, jawbone imbalances, differences in teeth size, and more. We can help you decide which treatments to commit to and when to make the best decisions for your smile.

Dr. Roy Gonzalez, Jr. Treating a Smiling Teen Orthodontic Patient

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If you have any questions about your first appointment, orthodontic treatments, or candidacy, reach out to us by phone at (210) 344-9295 or message us online. A staff member will be happy to help you get the answers you need.

We hope this information is helpful to you! We look forward to answering any questions and helping you stay on track to achieve the smile of your dreams.